Natural Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap

Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap

Are you picky about how clean you are? Do you wash your hands more than just a few times a day? When you purchase soap, do you always read the ingredients to make sure it is pure and safe? Well, you are not alone. We do the same. Even though bar soap has been around for ages and liquid soap has only become very popular over the last few years we are going to break down the pros and cons for each.

Liquid soap connoisseurs may often say bar soap can dry out skin. This happens because most mass produced bar soap tends to have a higher pH level, which can be very drying. However, our soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients to prevent the skin from drying and feeling rough. Our natural, organic bar soaps are based off of plant oils, and essential oils for fragrance. Liquid soaps are petroleum based and require emulsifying agents and stabilizers in order to maintain their consistency.
That just doesn’t sound good for your skin. Knowing that there is an ingredient to keep its consistency is not appealing.

Liquid Soap Pouring

When it comes to antibacterial, just know that no matter what you choose to use on your skin, both bar and liquid soap will keep the germs away. Knowing my personal skin care comes in a plastic bottle with its own issues or that my bar comes in paper ready for use, I feel better and calmer knowing I will not be adding extra harmful chemicals to my daily shower routine.

Bar soap is better for the environment and better for you. Liquid soap comes in a plastic bottle not knowing if the plastic is safe or environmentally is a chance I'd rather not take. Liquid soap has many added fragrances, ingredients and a lot of customers can have skin allergies which may be irritated with use. That is why being natural, clean, and safe makes a difference. All our ingredients are easy to understand.

Which kind is better? Well, it depends on the factors that are most important to you. If you are trying to go green then bar soap wins. If the price is something you are considering then bar soap wins. Did you know washing your hands with bar soap is cheaper than using liquid hand soap? From a purely health-conscious outlook bar soaps contain fewer harmful-ingredients and does as good a job in preventing the spread of germs as their liquid counterparts.

If you are looking for that good lather, that awesome scent, rich moisture. We recommend the Cherry Almond for that amazing smack you in the face scent and our Oatmeal Milk and Honey for moisture.

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